Moss looks harmless, but when it’s on the shingles of your roof it can cause a lot of problems and frustrations for homeowners. From rotting to gutter blocking, moss growth usually means expensive repairs, damaged roof tiles, and sometimes a complete replacement. Prevent moss from growing on your roof with these useful tips.

Why Avoid Moss?

Due to its makeup, moss is constantly absorbing moisture, meaning this means your roof continues to take on more weight. Also, that weight is in water weight and might lead to a breakdown of the structural integrity of your roof from water damage. When roofs need to be replaced, many contractors will document that the roof has loss its ability to drain water away from the structure. Moss takes in that moisture and clogs gutters, making it only a matter of time before you have some serious roof damage. Moss also attracts birds and insects making your roof a breeding ground for mother nature. Again it’s best to avoid moss at all cost!

Tips for Avoiding Moss

An easy way to prevent moss on your roof is to add copper ridges to the roof. This allows rainfall to hit those ridges, and a residue from the copper to run down the roof and helps prevent the growth and spread of moss. Regular cleaning can help a ton too. Typically, a routine maintenance check and cleaning of your roof will do the job to keep moss away and the roof in great condition. Soft wash your roof or power wash it and the gutters once or twice a year to avoid moss growth. If you see it growing don’t panic, it is a natural occurrence. Just make sure to go about getting rid of it.

When moss is starting to show up on your roof, hire a team to make sure it does not continue to grow. Professional roofing companies clean safely and with precision. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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