Winter can be a rough time for roofs. During this season there are usually more storms, harsher conditions, and the temperature keeps going up and down, making it not only difficult for roofs to last the season, but also makes it tough to fix problems once they arise. Here are some common roofing problems that can arise in winter.


Wind can destroy your roof, making it a greater threat the older your roof is. Even if your home’s roof is tight and secure, it can push moisture beneath the shingles, causing problems that if not addresses can cause problems later.

Commercial buildings usually do better in strong winds because of their flat surface. However, there is still a chance for damage to the roof during a high wind storm just like any other surface.

In the case of particularly strong winds, roof surfaces can become damaged or cracked. Damaged roofing creates a seam for water to get under the surface of the roofing material, increasing the risk of leaks and water damage. Once this happens, your problems grow quickly.


Different types of roofs are built to handle different amounts of weight. However, it doesn’t matter what type of roof you have, letting snow accumulate is not always the greatest idea. When left unchecked, large amounts of snow can lead to complete roof collapse.

Some signs of a roof on the verge of collapsing include loud popping sounds coming from it, as well as sagging supports, warped wood, and any distortion with the structure in general.

Temperature Changes

Temperature fluctuations tend to be more aggressive during the winter. Days tend to be warmer than the nights, and this repeated temperature change can cause significant damage to a roof.

Over time, your roof’s ability to adjust to temperature changes lessen and eventually these constant changes and contractions can shorten the lifespan of the roof. This can reveal itself in the form of joints cracking, seams tearing loose and separated flashings, all of which can be hard to fix.

To avoid these problems it’s important to have your roof inspected regularly and to replace your roof towards the end of its lifespan. Which is typically every 20 years depending on the quality of shingles installed.

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