Every homeowners wants their roof to last forever, but like anything else, it has an expiration date. Understanding the main factors that affect a roofing system’s longevity can help extend its service life, though. Keep reading as we discuss the reasons that cause your roof’s health to decline.

1. Weather

As your home’s first line of defense against mother nature, your roof needs to remain intact. Weather, however, can impair the roofing shingles. Debris impact, leaks and missing roofing material are some of the most common roof damage caused by harsh conditions.

2. Moisture

Moisture build-up in your attic can damage your roofing system and even compromise indoor air quality. This is often caused by poor attic ventilation. Note that allowing cool, fresh air in your attic can help regulate moisture level. Address this issue right away by getting in touch with your local contractor.

3. Installation

Similar to ventilation, installation can also affect the longevity of a roof. One mistake can cause the whole roofing system to fail. This is why homeowners should work with a professional roofing contractor for their roof installation. Fortunately, United We Stand, LLC carries the right credentials to perform roofing services.

4. Maintenance

Roof maintenance is a preventive measure that helps keep a roofing system in good shape. Some homeowners, however, delay roof maintenance thinking they can get away with it without consequences. This may lead to leaks and other damage that could have been identified during a professional roof inspection.

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